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There are over 5,000 mammal species in the world, and we have some of the most exotic and endangered in the world.

Mammals are air-breathing animals, characterised by having hair or fur. Females possess mammary glands, which are used for suckling their young. 

We have over 1200 individual mammals from more than 75 different species, ranging in size from our tiny Harvest Mice up to our enormous Asian Elephants.

Many of the species that we specialise in, like the Black Rhino, are in danger of becoming extinct in the wild in the next 25 years. The work done here with these species will help to conserve them for future generations.

  • Big Cats

    Big cats generally survive on diets consisting mainly or exclusively of meat, which may be obtained through predation or scavenging.

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  • Elephants

    Elephants are highly intelligent, social creatures and they're the largest land animals living on our planet!

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  • Horses & Rhinos

    This group of grazing mammals includes all horses, rhinos and tapirs, who all have an odd number of toes!

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  • Monkeys & Apes

    This popular group of animals includes the aboreal New and Old World Monkeys as well as the enigmatic Great Apes.

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  • Hoofed Animals

    Hoofed animals are generally herbivorous mammals that tend to live in large herds.

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  • Meerkats & Otters

    Find out out our charismatic meerkats, dwarf mongooses and our two species of otter.

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  • Bears

    Find out about the south American Spectacled Bears which we have in our Bears of the Cloud Forest exhibit.

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  • Dogs

    Learn more about the dogs at the zoo, from the Painted Dog to the Bush Dogs.

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