Painted Dogs Exhibit

Meet the pack! Our immersive African-themed exhibit transports you to a conservation field station in Mkomazi, Kenya.

This impressive exhibit is home to a pack of six Painted dogs - five males and one female. Our Aardvark also have a new home here, as well as the Rock Hyrax, which despite only being the size of a guinea pig is the closest living relatives to elephants! 

Painted Dogs – also known as African Hunting Dogs - are endangered with only around 3000 left in the wild. They have dazzling dappled patterns on their unique and gorgeous coats, which help us identify each individual.

They use their large rounded ears to communicate, moving them in different directions to signal to other dogs which way to go or what to do.

The exhibit was opened in 2011 by renowned conservationist Tony Fitzjohn OBE, who works with a number of species including Painted Dogs at Mkomazi Game Reserve, which is a conservation charity we support in Tanzania.

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