Tropical Realm

The Tropical Realm is an enormous free-flight aviary, with many reptiles and amphibians too.

Many tropical species of small bird can be seen up close in the walk-through area where most species also breed during the spring and summer months or in the aviaries on both the ground and first floor.

With over 40 species of bird there is plenty to see and hear. Listen out for some of the beautiful songsters like orange-headed and chestnut-backed thrush.

Some important conservation species are kept within the Tropical Realm including the extinct in the wild Socorro Dove, Congo Peafowl, Montserrat Oriole and the Vulnerable Salvadori’s Pheasant as well as species of hornbill.

Its not just the birds that you can see and hear - the Tropical Realm is also home to many reptiles and amphibians including dart frogs and the Galapagos tortoises enjoying their new and improved home.