Special Exhibition

Hot Pink Flamingos - make change not carbon

When you’re next in the zoo don’t miss out on our new Hot Pink Flamingos exhibition and trail.

Originally designed and exhibited at Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, we’re thrilled to take our ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ policy to a new level and re-home Hot Pink Flamingos in the UK!

The exhibition aims to raise awareness of climate change, the impacts that it is having on the world’s wildlife and the little things that we can all do to make a big difference.

Recycle banner - Chester Zoo

The Hot Pink Flamingos experience begins in the Joseph Banks Room where you can find out why we need to ‘Make change not carbon’, how to ‘Be a hero at home’ in our kitchen and come face to face with our giant penguin!

The trail then makes its way across the zoo to the aquarium – just follow the banners as you go! After visiting the Aquarium have a browse along our climate change banner to pick up a few more tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint!


Follow the links below to find out more about climate change and the simple changes we can all make to protect ocean animals and the fragile habitats they call home.