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Your Research

We welcome external researchers, including students, who wish to conduct research projects at Chester Zoo.

Every year a large number of students conduct projects at the zoo as part of their undergraduate, Master’s or PhD course. We also support research projects conducted by Post-Doctorates, Research Fellows and researchers from other zoos and institutions.

All research projects involving Chester Zoo have to be registered and approved before the project can begin or before biological samples are collected. Researchers must fill out the appropriate application documents according to the nature of their project.

Please carefully read the instructions below as it will direct you to the information relevant to your project.


Do you have a research project in mind?

Yes and I am studying for an academic qualification equivalent to a Master’s degree or below. Please click here. 


Yes and I am studying for an academic qualification higher than a Master’s degree OR I am a researcher from another zoo or institution. Please click here.


Would you like to know what research projects are available*?

Yes. Please click here.

* NB. Zoo projects are available to Master’s students and above OR qualified researchers from other zoos or institutions only.