Conservation Campaigns

Every year, we get involved in conservation campaigns which raise funds and/or awareness for a conservation related issue. By supporting our campaigns, you can help to make a difference.


Go Orange for Orangutans

Go Orange for Orangutans is our annual campaign to raise funds for orangutan conservation and shape a brighter future for this beautiful species in the wild.

Saving a species isn’t easy but taking part in Go Orange for Orangutans is a fun and simple way to help make a difference.

Find out more on our Act for Wildlife site


Previous EAZA campaigns:

  • Pole to Pole Campaign 2015
  • South East Asia Campaign 2012/13
  • Ape Campaign in 2011
  • European Carnivore Campaigns 2010
  • European Carnivore Campaigns 2009 
  • Year of the Frog Campaign in 2008
    • More information on past and present campaigns can be found on the EAZA website.