Field Projects

Through the Conservation and Research Grant scheme, Chester Zoo supports a wide variety of smaller conservation projects each year.

Ranging from species monitoring and habitat protection to training and education, these projects work to conserve threatened species worldwide.

In 2013, we helped finance and coordinate over 50 different projects around the world. These projects are listed in full in the zoo’s Annual Report.

The grant funding cycle runs in three periods and applications will be accepted any time during these three periods. We aim to make funding decisions within two months of the final acceptance date.

For consideration within the current funding cycle applications will be accepted:

  • From 1st January until 31st March
  • From 1st April until 31st June
  • From 1st July until 17th October


Competition for the Chester Zoo Conservation & Research Grants is always high and our major criteria for grants include conservation impact and opportunities to link our ex- situ activities and our in situ outreach support.

For information on how to apply for a Chester Zoo Conservation & Research Grant please email

Further information on grants.

Below are a few examples of projects we are currently supporting through our grants scheme.