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Latest Field News 26/10/2012

Officer Jazz, we salute you

  • Africa

Last year we bought you the sad news that Bosco, one of the anti-poaching bloodhounds at a conservation project we support in Kenya’s Chyulu Hills, had passed away.

Bosco had been the only dog on active duty and, as his check-ups at the vet had suggested there may be problems, it was realised there was a need for new dogs.

So the team at the Maasailand Preservation Trust (MPT) purchased two new tracker dogs, Belgian Malinois called Max and Jazz in October last year.

The rangers underwent a dog handling course in Tanzania and both dogs settled in well and were integrated into the existing operations.

Unfortunately, Max also died after developing complications suspected to be caused by tsetse fly bites during field operations. Max’s death was a huge setback, leaving Jazz as the lone anti-poaching dog.

However we’re really pleased to say that Jazz has performed superbly and has facilitated successful arrests of 14 poachers and the recovery of four tusks from November 2011 to March 2012.

MPT plan to purchase another dog in the not too distant future when/if funding becomes available.

Jazz (and Bosco before him) is a major deterrent to poachers, and an important part of anti-poaching activities. With more anti-poaching dogs, the project can catch more people undertaking wildlife crimes before it is too late for the animals they’re hunting.

Well done Jazz – we think you’re an incredible animal and one of Chester Zoo's Act for Wildlife heroes!

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