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A future for Brazil's most Endangered Parakeet

18 July 2012

grey-breasted-parakeet-Fabio-Nunes-AQUASIS-198x143A Chester Zoo-supported project has caught images of one of Brazil’s most threatened birds on cameras in their nest boxes – and we have the pictures here for you to see!

Grey-breasted Parakeets only occur in two montane areas of north-eastern Brazil and with less than 250 left in the wild are considered to be one of Brazil’s most threatened bird species.

With support from Chester Zoo, Loro Parque and ZGAP, the Brazilian conservation organisation Aquasis have been working to establish a network of artificial nest boxes to help increase breeding opportunities for these parakeets.

Last year 33 hatchlings were recorded in nest boxes installed around the Baturité Mountains, which represents an increase of over 10% to the wild population.

The cameras installed in these nests have produced some amazing photographs which will aid valuable research and monitoring of the chicks.

The breeding results from these artificial nest boxes are very encouraging and hopefully a sign of a more positive future for the Grey-breasted Parakeet.

All images © Fabio Nunes, AQUASIS

Eggs of Grey-breasted Parakeet - Fabio Nunes AQUASIS


Hatchlings Grey-breasted Parakeet - Fabio Nunes AQUASIS


Hatchilings of Grey-breasted Parakeet - Fabio Nunes AQUASIS

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