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Monkeys Spotted Using Orangutan Bridges in Borneo

03 May 2012

cFrankRietkerkmacaquesusingbridges198x143Check out who’s been seen using the orangutan bridges in Borneo!

We’ve received these great photos from our friends at Apenheul Zoo in the Netherlands who recently visited the Kinabatangan region of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

We have supported the work of HUTAN-Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Programme (KOCP) in this area for many years through our Realm of the Red Ape Programme.

They spotted these Pig-tailed Macaques using the orangutan bridges which Chester Zoo staff helped to construct in 2011.

Seven Chester Zoo staff were involved in this fantastic collaborative project alongside HUTAN-KOCP, Ropeskills Rigging Sdn Bhd, Danau Girang Field Centre and the Sabah Wildlife Department.

Macaque in Borneo 2  (C) Frank Rietkerk

The teams worked together to build seven bridges in total which connected fragmented patches of habitat where wildlife such as orangutans have become isolated due to deforestation.

The bridges were constructed over river tributaries and this is the first photographic evidence we have seen of our bridges in use. It is hoped that the orangutans will soon start to use these bridges just as they do with the old orangutan bridges – but until we receive evidence of this, we hope you enjoy seeing the bridges in use by macaques!

All images © Frank Rietkerk

Macaque in Borneo 1 (C) Frank Rietkerk 

Macaques using Bridges in Borneo (c) Frank Rietkerk

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