AS/A2 - Science, Psychology and BSLT

We’re uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of science workshops using our tremendous collection of artefacts, our real life stories of human/wildlife conflict and conservation efforts, and, of course, the zoo’s animal and plant collection.

For AS and A2 level students we offer a great range of workshops, trails and resources in the topics we know best: science, psychology and business studies, leisure and tourism.

For BSLT, the zoo is the perfect business for your students to base their research on; we’re a charity, a conservation organisation and a visitor attraction.

And for psychology students, what’s better than to be able to observe behaviours, for example communication and intelligence?

We offer workshops which last 50 minutes and run either in our classrooms or in the zoo.

Have a browse below at what we offer.

AS/A2 Workshops - Science

AS/A2 Workshops - Psychology

AS/A2 Workshops - BSLT