All you need to know

...about planning your nursery, school or college visit is here on these pages!

We welcome over 100,000 educational visitors every year to the zoo, so we know just what’s important to you when you’re planning your trip. We know you want a safe environment, to know where to eat (especially if it’s wet!), where to store things, how to do a pre-visit, how much a visit costs and how to get the best learning experience for your pupils.

And, it’s all here on these pages!

Take a look at the links below and on the left and if you want to ask us any further questions, just give our Education Team a call on 01244 650205 or 389444. 

And don’t forget to take a look at our video below where you’ll find our insiders’ tips for getting the most from a zoo visit. It’s a great idea to share our pointers, or watch the video, with your students and help them get a head start in making their experience with us the best possible.


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