Case Studies

Learn about the Painted Dog, the need for conservation action and the many considerations involved for this species to become part of Chester Zoo.

Chester Zoo and the Painted Dog (Lycaon pictus)


The Painted Dogs project should be of great interest for schools and colleges offering vocational programmes, such as the BTEC & NPTC suite of Diploma qualifications as well as Additional Specialist Learning for the Land Based Diploma.

The resource provides unique access to podcasts, zoo documents and video footage including the ethical and logistical sourcing of a species , its accommodation and addressing its welfare and husbandry.

The resource can be used independently on-line or can complement a visit to the zoo and is designed to meet the evidential needs of learners. (M.Hannigan, North West Regional Manager, VET LLN).

Click on the links below to access these resources. There is also a student workbook available from Chester Zoo, see the ‘visit the zoo’ link for more information.