Key Stage 1

It’s never too early for your children to learn about our brilliant planet and the animals and plants we share it with and to get them started we have a great range of workshops at Key Stage 1 from life processes to the diversity of the animal world.

If those workshops don’t fit the bill, don’t worry! Whatever your classroom topic, we have the workshop to complement it. Because we know how inquisitive your young pupils can be, we now offer a question and answer session where your budding conservationists can ask us any question they like.

Just tell us the topic you’re studying and we’ll come armed with facts and a few artefacts to bring the subject to life.


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We have a very special treat for young children towards the end of the Autumn Term when our limited run session Wild Winter invites your children for a walk through our magical wood with the excitement of meeting a very special visitor in his woodland cave at the end of the session.

All our workshops bring learning to life and give your pupils the opportunity to experience nature hands-on by using our incredible collection of artefacts and sometimes live animals.

But, before your children get too excited, we should point out that in line with the BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums) ‘Guidelines on Animal Handling’, we don’t include animal handling for any classes containing Reception age children (children under the age of 5), although we may still bring the animals into the classroom for the children to look at. Click here for more information on animal handling.

Most of our workshops are 50 minutes long (our question and answer sessions last for 30 minutes) and we run them at 4 time slots on each week day during term time (10.30; 11.30; 1.00; 2.00). We have three classrooms and take a maximum of 20 pupils in each. Click here for our prices.

If you prefer not to have a workshop, you might be interested in our trails and activities. We’ve put these together for you to enjoy doing with your class in the zoo.

KS1 Workshops

KS1 Trails and Activities


Here’s what some of our visitors said about our KS1 and KS2 workshops:

'All children were absorbed and stimulated throughout'

'Content reinforced learning taking place in school. Use of lovely resources delighted the children'

'Superb! Kept all the class interested and motivated'

'It covered all the main aspects we had talked about in class but you had fantastic resources too'