Key Stage 3-4

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We have just the right ingredients to grab the attention and interest of your Key Stage 3 and 4 students!

Amazing animals, incredible artefacts, entertaining talks and a range of science and business studies, leisure and tourism workshops given by our passionate (some might say geeky!) education team make the zoo a great place to tap into your pupils’ enthusiasm. But hey, isn’t geeky the new cool?

So, what we don’t know about wildlife, we’ll find out for you because we’re learning all the time too! As new species are discovered and, sadly, some are lost, we want to inspire your students to be the conservationists of the future, making sure eco-systems survive, human/wildlife conflict lessens and a sustainable future is ahead for all of us.

Tall order? With our first-hand experience of working with wildlife both overseas and here at home, we can made dry facts come to life for your pupils. We run some of our workshops at animal enclosures and some in our classrooms but in all our sessions we make links to our 11,000 animals and the conservation work we are involved in.

We bring learning to life and give your students the opportunity to experience nature hands-on by using our fantastic collection of artefacts and sometimes live animals.

Why not take a look at our range of workshops and see what would complement your classroom topics and ignite your pupils’ enthusiasm?

Or, if you prefer not to have a workshop, you might be interested in our trails and activities. We’ve put these together for you to enjoy doing with your pupils.

And don’t forget, the zoo isn’t just about science! It’s also a great place for other subjects like art and geography, maths and English because everything relates to nature. 


KS3/4 Workshops

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Business Studies, Leisure and Tourism workshops

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