Key Stage 3-4

We want to inspire your students to be the conservationists of the future, making sure eco-systems survive, human/wildlife conflict lessens and a sustainable future is ahead for us all.

With our first-hand experience of working with wildlife both overseas and here at home, we have just the right ingredients to make dry facts come to life for your pupils.

The zoo’s animals and plant collection, fantastic artefacts and our science, psychology and BSLT workshops make the zoo a great place to tap into your pupils’ enthusiasm.

Why not have a browse at our range of workshops and see what would complement your classroom topics?

The zoo isn’t just about science! It’s also a great place for art and geography, maths and English because everything relates to nature.

If you want to book or find out more, our contact details are on the Book Your Visit page.  

KS3/4 Workshops

Business Studies, Leisure and Tourism workshops