16+ Workshops

Does your group not fit in KS1, 2, 3 or 4? Don’t worry, we can still visit.

We're currently developing our workshops for this age group so if you’re interested in a particular topic let us know and we can incorporate your needs and ideas into our session.

A Conservation Debate

"Are Zoos Needed in the 21st Century?"

This will give a general intro into the history of zoos and Chester Zoo, then the students will debate (with a panel of 8 but audience asking and answering too) for and against zoos. This will need all the students to do some research beforehand, but a pre-visit pack will be emailed out to assist.


Making tough decisions in conservation.  Your students will learn why biodiversity is important, why it is threatened and that we only have limited resources to protect it.  Students will be provided with relevant information on a number of real life conservation projects needing funding.  Working in teams (4 or 5), they will have to decide which one they would like to support and explain their choice, as is done by professional conservationists world-wide.



Contact our Safari Ranger on safariranger@chesterzoo.org or 01244 389 738.