Meet our new arrivals

As a conservation charity, new arrivals and breeding success is not only incredibly exciting, but it's also vital to the future of many of the species that we look after.

A combination of factors, including detailed planning, highly knowledgeable keepers, great infrastructure, a compressive animal nutrition plan, top husbandry techniques and scientific insight to back it all up, all contribute to the breeding successes here.


Rare giraffe calf is born on Boxing Day

A rare Rothschild’s giraffe calf born on Boxing Day has been described by keepers as “the best Christmas gift.”

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Top ten animal babies of 2016

There have been a whole host of important animal births at Chester Zoo in 2016 – including a reptile species that pre-dates the dinosaurs, a precious quartet of incredibly rare magpies and a critically endangered Eastern black rhino calf!

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Rare Asian elephant calf born

We're delighted to announce that a rare Asian elephant has been born, with the incredible birth captured live on CCTV.

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Rare babirusa birth captured on film for first time

Hidden cameras have captured remarkable footage showing the live birth of a babirusa piglet – one of the rarest pig species in the world – for the very first time.

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Bush dog pups born

Two litters of bush dog pups have begun to venture outside for the first time.

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Critically endangered songbird hatches at Chester Zoo

We're celebrating after four Javan green magpies hatch at Chester Zoo! This is the first time this critically endangered songbird has been bred in a UK zoo, providing a major boost to conservation efforts to save the species from extinction. Find out more and see the video on Act for Wildlife...

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Otter-ly adorable! New otter pups given their first swimming lessons

Five baby otters have been thrown in at the deep end while being taught how to swim by their parents.

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Baby zebra birth catches visitors by surprise

A baby zebra caught visitors by surprise after it was born in front of them on Sunday.

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VIDEO: Adorable rare zebra foal born

We're excited to reveal that our latest new arrival is a rare Grevy's zebra, a species highly endangered in the wild.

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Montserrat tarantulas hatch in ‘world first’

A clutch of about 200 rare and unusual tarantulas has hatched at Chester Zoo - a momentous event which has never been achieved before.

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Critically endangered birds hatch

We're celebrating the arrival of seven northern bald ibis chicks - which are part of a carefully coordinated breed and release programme at Chester Zoo.

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VIDEO: Four rock hyrax pups born

Four rock hyrax pups have been born... and they're quite the handful!

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First endangered tapir born at Chester Zoo makes adorable debut

We're celebrating the birth of an adorable Malayan tapir calf - the first to ever be born at the zoo!

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Britain's rarest mammal born at Chester Zoo

CUTE ALERT – a Scottish wildcat has been born at Chester Zoo for the first time.

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Hogwarts warthogs! Our new piglets named after Harry Potter characters

Three tiny warthog piglets, named after Harry Potter characters, have made their debuts.

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Rare ‘demon of the forest’ born

A rare anoa calf - the world’s smallest species of wild cattle - has been born.

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