Flamingo Webcam

Take a look at our flamingo webcam and see what the flock are up to today.

Adopt Me Book Tickets

Adopt our flamingos and you’ll get two tickets to come to the zoo and see the flamingos for real, as well as lots of other goodies. Find out more about our adoptions here.

What do flamingos eat?

Flamingos feed in a special way. They wade in the water, with their heads upside down and stamp their feet to stir up mud. Then they use their beaks to sieve out tiny plants and animals from the muddy soup.

To keep their feathers pink, flamingos have to eat special foods, our flamingos eat special pellets which contain everything they need to keep healthy and colourful.

You may be able to see our flamingos nesting. Flamingos lay a single egg in a hollow, on top of a cone-shaped mud nest. Both parents share incubation duties and all flamingos are fitted with a leg ring that has a unique letter code, so that the keepers can tell who is nesting with whom.

Find out more about our flamingos here.

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