Apemanagement at Chester Zoo First management course of its kind in the UK

Does your boss and this chimp have something in common?

To a large extent, the social behaviour we display is predetermined, it is in our genes. That is why we can recognise the same behaviour in other descendants of our natural ancestors: apes.

Together with Chester Zoo, Apemanagement organises these unique training courses, the key theme of which is our natural social behaviour.

During the course it will become clear that we can’t always “switch off” this natural behaviour. We will learn to recognise the (negative) consequences.

Monkey business

For a long time, the focus within organisations has been on behaviour we have been taught. Many managers and up-and-coming managers were absolutely convinced that you could teach people anything.

We have nevertheless discovered that not everything is always within our own control and neither can we always switch off or ignore our natural (social) behaviour.

In fact, this behaviour is actually an important success factor in organisations and enables us to cooperate more successfully within those organisations. However, we are often confronted with the negative effects too.

So we cannot solve problems in an organisation unless we pay attention to this natural behaviour.

Apemanagement introduces companies, management teams, business units and employees to biology.

Using social behaviour seen in primates (and humans) as a starting point, Chester Zoo in cooperation with Apemanagement provide several different training sessions and workshops.

Participants gain a new understanding and insight in social behaviour seen within organisations.

Primates form a mirror of our own behaviour and can therefore teach us a lot about ourselves.

How to Book

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