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A visit from Mr Mottershead

By Jean Emes

We had a new headteacher at Handbridge Junior School, Chester, with lots of new ideas. One of them was to have a school trip - never done before, due, no doubt to the war years and there being little money about. The trip was to be to Chester Zoo and it was preceded by a visit to our school by Mr Mottershead.
He arrived with a selection of small animals - I'm afraid I can't remember what they all were, except for a snake which we were allowed to touch, and amazingly was not slimy!

Mr Mottershead was a lovely man and I can remember him telling us about how he felt when he saw animals caged. His talk had a great effect on me, and has influenced my feelings for animals throughout my life. I saw him quite a few times later,when my family eventually obtained a television, but will always remember him coming to our school - and by the way, our first school trip ever was a huge success!

- Jean Emes

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