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My Work Experience

By Christine Humphreys

In 1950 I applied at the Zoo for a part time job, even though I was only 14yrs old, 15 being the starting age at this time. When I was interviewed I claimed to be 15yrs old. One of my recollections was that of working in the Icecream shop and at that time icecream was cut from a sqare block. One day I had two end pieces left which I made into one large icecream and sold to a little boy, unfortunately Mr Mottershead spotted the little boy and questioned me about serving such large portions.
On another occasion I was told by one of the girls to go and get some chips from the cafe, these were very hot and just my luck Mr Mottershead stopped me to ask me where I was working. I hid the chips under my coat but they were burning me and I was glad to see him drive away.
I still have happy memories of that time working at the Zoo and intend to visit it soon when all the alterations are finished.
Christine Humphreys
CH66 2PT

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