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Remembering Mr Mottershead

By Veronica Patrick

My mother made me a member of Chester Zoo in November 1957. At this time, I used to take my young son to the zoo most days, and he got to know all about the animals. When my mother moved to Chester in 1974, she became a member, and visited the zoo frequently. She enjoyed chatting to Mr Mottershead.

She says that when her mother, May Harvey, (my granny) retired to Chester in 1974 and became a zoo member, she used to see Mr Mottershead around the zoo quite frequently. Mr Mottershead would be getting around the zoo in a mobility vehicle, and he would stop for a chat with my granny. He’d say ‘Our legs might not be so good these days, but we’re all right up here’ (tapping his head)! My granny found Mr Mottershead very friendly and ‘down to earth’ with a lively personality, and she loved seeing him around and being able to chat so informally.

I still visit the zoo with my daughter and her three children, and we enjoy it all very much.

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