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Dad gave a crocodile to the zoo

By Karen Walker

My dad was in the merchant navy on a ship called the Hubert and travelled up the Amazon in 1961.

Being young and full of adventure he decided to bring home a young Cayman crocodile. He kept it under his bunk on the ship and carried it home on the bus in a bag. It kept popping its head out of the bag on the bus must to the amazement of the people around him.

Dad put it in the bath and fed it sausages and other meats. I remember trying to distract it whilst mum changed the water in the bath. It about 12 inches long but was going to get big very quickly. Dad decided to take it to Chester Zoo. He put it back in the bag and travelled on his Lambretta scooter with his brother to the zoo.

The Reception a the Zoo thought it was a joke at first and charged him to go into the Zoo.

After a while they took him to the Reptile House and thanked him for it.

The thank you letter from the Zoo is attached.

Karen Walker

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