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How I remember the zoo

By Fiona Morgan

I have been coming to the zoo all my life (I'm 42) and my dad is now a life member.

My husband and I are now members, as are my two boys, who both 'visited' the zoo before they were even born! We've celebrated many birthdays there as days out, including Dad's 60th.

I remember the old football stadium style turnstile entrance gates, the polar bear, and the members 'car park' having only space for a handful of cars on some very gnarled old tree roots.

I remember the membership office being a little kiosk just inside the Tropical House - we even donated a Japanese Quail once!

The Tropical House is still my favourite building, as we used to keep foreign birds, I therefore love seeing the freedom they have at Chester Zoo. It’s different every time you go but always feels natural. Both our sons have favourite zoo animals which are in the building too so we have to visit it every time we go to the zoo.

We were at the zoo the day the chimps 'escaped' and remember the staff's calmness and professionalism.

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