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My 7th Birthday Party

By Catherine Cernik

Back in 1997 (decade of trendy kids clothing) I turned seven and was allowed to invite some of my friends for a party at Chester zoo. We were had a meal in the old manor house which included all the delights of chicken nuggets, juice and cake. We were all given caps to wear for the day and I was accompanied by my trusty stuffed camel (who you can just about see being shown the camel sign in the picture).

One of my friends was so taken with the chimpanzee enclosure that when we had started to move on, she decided to crawl on her hands and knees through people's legs to the front of the crowd. She proceeded to stay then for forty minutes. Once we'd realized she wasn't we us, we scaled high and low to find her, eventually we made our way back to the chimps and there she was, cross legged and watching in awe.

I'm now 24 and still love a good day out at the zoo!

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