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Our family history

By John Millard and Josephine Butler

This was our first trip to Chester Zoo and Oakfield House. Our grandparents Souter and Adela Clayton owned and lived here before George Mottershead moved in with his family.

We came along with some of our family members to share our history with them. In the photo you will see 3 different generations enjoying their time at the zoo and learning more about their history.

From left to right there is: Evelyn Ashe, Patrick Ashe, Xanthe Ashe, John Millard and Josephine Butler. (John and Josephine are brother and sister. Evelyn is John’s daughter and Patrick and Xanthe are Evelyn’s children.)

Before our grandparents moved out of Oakfield, our aunt, also called Adela, sadly passed away in the house when she was only 19 years old. We aren't certain of what it was that she died of but think it may have been meningitis or septicaemia as it was thought that she may have picked up an infection from the house which had been previously used as a nursing home for wounded soldiers following the first world war.

We were delighted to see that Oakfield was kept in such good order. There was very little change to the principle rooms of the house and we were glad to see that they were being used for weddings and other festivities. We were also very impressed by the welcome we received from the staff. It is a happy and welcoming house.

We all had a lovely day at the zoo. We hope to return again!

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