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Our Zoo News

By Chester Zoo

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The very first zoo magazine was published in November 1937 and has been in production ever since. It's first name was 'Our Zoo News' and through the years there have been various incarnations until the present day Z magazine, which is now sent out to over 50,000 members.

"Each month a short summary of events at the Zoo will be issued to all members, and this will be headed “Our Zoo News”. By this mean we hope to keep members especially those who live a long way off, informed of what is happening at the Zoo.

It is very appropriate that our first Zoo News should contain the announcement of a birth of some importance to the Zoological World. The pair of Mandrills which were presented to the Society by R. Hyde Esq; in December 1935 gave birth to a daughter on the 25th October. As far as is known this is the first occasion that the Mandrill has bred in this country."

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