Act for Wildlife at Chester Zoo

Act for Wildlife

Here at Chester Zoo we Act for Wildlife and support conservation projects in the wild all over the world.

Our staff play a massive role in the fight against extinction too, by sharing the skills and knowledge we've developed at the zoo to help other people around the world.

We know not everyone can be as hands on as we are, so we created Act for Wildlife. It’s your chance to get involved and make a real difference for wildlife conservation around the world.

You’ll also get to hear from some of the amazing people that are working at the projects and ask them questions via the blog.

You can also donate to our campaign and choose which project you want your money to go to. We cover all the admin fees, so 100% of your donation goes directly to our wildlife conservation projects.

Visit the Act for Wildlife website now, get signed up for our e-news and make a donation.

Go to our Act for Wildlife website