Go Orange for Orangutans

Orangutans in the wild need the forest to survive but in the last thirty years more than 80% of their forest home has been destroyed.

This October we need your help to raise at least £15,000 to plant 1,500 new trees and rebuild this habitat for orangutans and the thousands of other species that rely on the rainforest.

Restoring tropical forest isn't easy, but joining Go Orange is a simple & fun way you can make a difference.

And best of all, we promise 100% of the funds raised goes directly to helping orangutans in the wild.

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Take a look at what we did last year and how you can get involved to Go Orange for Orangutans.

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Little Sutton Primary going orange
Little Sutton Primary School going orange for orangutans!

OrangutanFrom building orangutan bridges to working with Bornean fisherman, we've been working with conservation partners for many years to protect endangered orangutans. 

Last October, you helped us raise enough funds to buy 15 specialist cameras that will be vital in studying and protecting orangutans in the wild. THANK YOU!

The study you supported is underway and the cameras are in place, so keep an eye on our Act for Wildlife blog and sign up to our e-news for updates. 

Remember, 100% of funds raised go directly to orangutan conservation.

Orangutan swinging

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