What's On at Chester Zoo

There are always lots of exciting events at the zoo including the free daily animal talks that our experts do every day.

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Current and upcoming events

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Feb 2018


Rhyme with the Rangers – Thu 1st - Fri 2nd

Come along with us as we rhyme and play… And find out about animals along the way!

Special event

Me, you & the zoo auction 2018 – Thu 1st - Fri 2nd

We’re planning to launch our online auction in spring 2018, so keep an eye out for further information.

Wet Weather Trail – Sat 10th - Sun 25th

There are plenty of sheltered spaces you can enjoy until the rain clouds disappear. Discover orangutans and crocodiles in Monsoon Forest, or seek out the seahorses in the Aquarium.

Animal Story Time – Mon 12th - Sun 25th

It's playtime at the zoo. Shhh, what’s that noise? Journey through the forest with us, let’s see who we discover jumping through the trees!

Animal PLAY! – Mon 12th - Sun 25th

It's playtime at the zoo! Jump like a lemur & hop like a frog! Are you ready for the challenge?

Animal warm ups – Mon 12th - Sun 25th

It's playtime at Chester Zoo. Warm up with our Zoo Rangers! Get moving like an animal to start off your day at the zoo!

Animal Game Show! – Mon 12th - Sun 25th

It's playtime at Chester Zoo. Is it a bird? Is it a lemur? Test your skills with our amazing animal quiz!

Animal hoola – Tue 13th - Sat 24th

It's playtime at Chester Zoo! Get spinning and wiggling in our hoola hoop sessions at Madagascar Basecamp.

Predator vs Prey – Wed 14th - Thu 22nd

Predator vs Prey is an exciting zoo-wide outdoor visitor-interaction game. It’s fun, free and completely optional to play!

Animal yoga – Wed 14th - Sun 25th

It's playtime at Chester Zoo! Channel your inner animal in our family friendly yoga sessions at Madagascar Basecamp.

Special event

Woodland Bird Masterclass – Sun 18th

Join avian experts at the RSPB reserve at Burton Mere Wetlands to explore what woodland wildlife you can spot and learn how you can help our brilliant birdlife.

How far can you row down the Kinabatangan River? – Mon 19th - Sun 25th

Take on the role of a zoo conservationist and see how far you can row down the Kinabatangan River to help build rope bridges for orangutans.

Can you row as fast as an animal can run? – Mon 19th - Sun 25th

You wouldn’t beat a cheetah in a running race, but could you row as fast as a cheetah can run? Take on our rowing challenge and discover your top rowing speed.