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British Science Week
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Special event 13/03/2017 - 17/03/2017

British Science Week Activities for Schools

13-17 March 2017

To celebrate British Science Week, our team of experts will be running loads of special events and activities throughout the week for visiting school groups.

Want to discover how we use science to help us look after rare and endangered animals in the zoo and in the wild? How about inspiring your students to become the next generation of conservation scientists?

Our teams will be around the zoo giving free pop-up science demos with equipment and artefacts to show how we use science day to day in the zoo. We also offer loads of science workshops that can be added to your visit for just £28 per session. 

We've also created some fantastic teaching and learning resources for British Science Week. Take a look at our free science resources and activities here.

You can download a full programme of times and locations for each day on the link below.

British Science Week Programme

Hot Dragons

We have lots of tropical animals that require heat and light. This demo uses our thermal imaging camera and other equipment to show exactly where the heat is and how we use thermal imagery to help look after our animals.

Video learning resource - UV Light and Heat for Reptiles >


What’s for lunch? Find out what it takes to feed the zoo! Creating diets for our unique animals is an importance science. Compare different animals and work out what nutrition they need.

Video learning resource - Nutrition at Chester Zoo >

Meet the Scientists

Informal, drop-in sessions for your school groups to come and chat to our scientists and ask them any questions they like. We have sessions for:

  • Animal behaviour & wellbeing
  • Nutrition

Meet the Vets

Learn more about the life of a zoo vet!  They are bringing some of the equipment they use to monitor and diagnose our animals for you to explore. Informal, drop-in sessions for your school groups to come and chat to our vets and ask them any questions they like. 

Citizen Science - now its your turn!

Be a Citizen Scientist and collect real data! We'll provide you with the methodology and equipment you will need to collect the data. 

We design large naturalistic enclosures to allow our animals the freedom of choice for where they want to be throughout the day.  Our enclosures often have multiple viewing spaces, so we want to know:

  • Which viewing spaces do you see our animals from?
  • Where are our animals at different times of the day?

Water science

Too hot, too salty and just right! Ever wondered what fish like about their watery habitats? And what happens if it changes? Find out about the science behind keeping a healthy aquarium and test the conditions in our tanks to find out which are most suitable habitats for all our fish.

Video learning resource - Aquarium Science at Chester Zoo >

Elephant Endocrine

The clue’s in the poo! Come and discover the exciting world of endocrinology, and learn how we measure hormones to monitor pregnancies in our endangered animals.

Video learning resource - Endocrinology at Chester Zoo >

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