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Special event 14/06/2017

Enrichment Day Weds 14 June

Join our Keepers and Zoo Rangers for series of FREE talks and learn how we keep our animals fit and healthy (both physically and mentally) using enrichment.

Wednesday 14th June 2017

There are many different ways we do this... it can be physical (a climbing frame or new perch in their enclosure), cognitive (a problem solving activity), sensory (a scent trail) or nutrition related (providing different types of food or presenting food in different ways).

Time  Species
11am Komodo dragons
11am Chimpanzees
12 noon        Galapagos tortoises (Tropical Realm)
12.30pm Fruit bats
2.15pm Asian elephants
2.15pm Parrots (at Blue throated macaws)
2.30pm Sumatran tigers
3pm Monkeys (Monkey house)
3.30pm Andean bears
3.30pm Prevost's squirrels (Elephant house)
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