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01 01/01/0001 - 25/11/2011

Aardvarks Tip The Scales

Scorch the Aardvark – one of our newest arrivals - has stepped onto the weighing scales as part of his routine health check.

Along with his older brother Tatsu, nine-month-old Scorch was given the once-over by Senior Keeper James Andrewes.

"We currently weigh our two aardvarks a couple of times a week,” James said.

“It’s important as it helps us monitor their health and general well-being.”

The results made happy reading with Scorch coming in at 43.8kgs and Tatsu a touch heavier, at 45.5kgs – ideal weights for their ages.

Both Aardvarks are set to make their public debut in the next few weeks when they move into their new home alongside the Meerkats.

Aardvark Health check at Chester Zoo

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