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Check Out Our New Exhibits This Half Term

We're excited to reveal that the UK's first ever underwater viewing zone for Giant Otters and a revamped Jaguar enclosure will be opening this half term.

The £500k developments promise to breathe fresh life into the zoo and also sees a new species added to the zoo’s collection – a pair of sloths.

At a cost of £250k, the Giant Otter centre is one of the only places in Europe where you will be able to see the otters diving for food, through large underwater viewing windows.

Giant Otters - Chester Zoo

The new exhibit also features an undercover seating area, a crawl-in viewing dome and state-of-the-art off-show cubbing dens.

Simon Mann, our Development Director, said “This new enclosure is at the absolute cutting-edge of design in terms of both animal welfare and the exciting viewing opportunities it offers the public.

“Giant Otters are charming animals and it’s fascinating to see them swimming underwater. We think people, and the otters, are going to love it.”

Giant Otters Underwater - Chester Zoo

But that's not all, we will also unveil our new-look Spirit of the Jaguar exhibit following a £250k makeover.

The refreshed enclosure will ultimately feature a pair of sloths, which have just arrived from Germany, Agoutis and a colony of Leaf-cutter Ants, as well as four South American Jaguars.

It also includes an aquarium which will contain large shoals of fish - such as Cardinal Tetra, Altum Angel fish, Discus fish - and Amazonian Turtles.

New Jaguar Exhibit - Chester Zoo

A number of trees and plants native to South America have been brought in from a special nursery in Holland and a cinema, set inside a cattle ranch, to highlights our field conservation work in Brazil.

Simon Mann added: “This second exciting development will breathe yet more fresh life into the zoo.

“We’ve created a naturalistic environment, added new species and given it an authentic South American theme, all of which will really enhance the visitor experience.

"It aims to make people feel like they’re seeing these fantastic animals and plants from the Pantantal itself.”

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Jaguars at Chester Zoo

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