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08 24/08/2017

Always building at Chester Zoo

New developments taking place at the zoo

As part of our ongoing long-term plans for the future, next month sees the beginning of another exciting development.

View the latest version of our map here to see which areas will be closed...

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We’ve just opened three new animal habitats within Islands at Chester Zoo – which we hope you’ve had chance to explore! These developments continue the ‘always building’ philosophy of our founder, George Mottershead, who created the UK’s first zoo without bars and focused on animal wellbeing and conservation. 

Ready for your brand new Islands adventure >

Malayan tapir in Islands

Malayan tapir was one of the species that recently moved to Islands

Last month we announced our long term plans that will see us create new environments for the conservation of highly threatened species not currently at the zoo; and building on the success of our ground-breaking Islands habitats the remainder of the zoo will be sensitively transformed through the creation of large scale themed zones. 

Find more detail on our long term plans, here >


New habitats will be created species not currently at the zoo, including the western gorilla

September sees the beginning of another exciting development as part of these ongoing plans. We will be creating a Madagascan forest as part of ‘phase 2’ of the Madagascar area which will be a huge project, transforming the existing ‘Europe on the Edge’ and former tiger (and then sun bear) habitats in to an immersive walk through forest that will allow you to get closer to our lemurs than ever before. 

white ruffed lemur

We’re also going to improve our penguin habitat to provide new viewing windows and filtration systems in the pool so you will be able to watch our group of Humboldt penguins racing through the water. 


While this work is being undertaken, we will need to close a small area of the zoo, which can be seen on the map below. We promise it’ll be worth it and we’ll keep you posted with any new updates on our developments, the new animal habitats and provide you with an insight into what the new space will look like. Watch this space for more news...

area of zoo closed as part of September 2017 developments

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