10 05/10/2010

Black Rhino Conservation

This week’s Rhino Mania auction gave people the last chance to see Chester’s painted fibre glass rhinos, which have been found decorating the streets of the City throughout the summer.

The Rhino Mania public art charity exhibition occurs at a time when rhino poaching is rapidly on the rise globally – mainly to fuel the demand for rhino horn for use in traditional medicine, where it is misleadingly believed to have various medicinal properties.  

Funds raised at the Rhino Mania auction are being split between two charities: Chester Zoo’s Black Rhino Conservation Programme and the Hospice of the Good Shepherd.  Chester’s Black Rhino Conservation Programme works in East Africa where Black Rhino numbers have been steadily rising over recent decades due to the work of Chester Zoo and other conservationists and charities. Poaching saw around 95% of Black Rhino killed for their horn in the 70’s and 80’s and it is likely that without strong conservation support poaching could see the end of Black Rhinos in the wild in East Africa. The generous proceeds raised from the auction will be making a very real difference to this species.

You can support our conservation efforts by adopting an animal, becoming a member and/or making a donation.

(Photo - Courtesy of Save the Rhino International).

The video below was shown at the Rhino Mania charity auction and explains the threats facing the wild Black Rhino in Eastern Africa.