Frequently Asked Questions


These are just some of the questions we get asked a lot, so if you’re curious about anything it might be covered here. For more information about visiting the zoo safely, and doing your bit, you can find out more here.

How much does it cost to come to Chester Zoo?

You can book your tickets online here where you will find the prices.

The price you pay will depend on the time of year you plan to visit, how old you are, and what type of ticket you wish to purchase. It also depends whether you include the optional 10% donation, which goes towards our mission of PREVENTING EXTINCTION, and also means your purchase is eligible for Gift Aid which means we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you spend at no extra cost to you.

How do I get to Chester Zoo?

We’re easy to get to! And you can come by car, train, bus, bike or walk (if you’re local).

We really encourage green travel, as it’s good for the environment and really helps in our mission to prevent extinction. That’s why we offer 15% discount for cyclists.

Read more about how to get to the zoo, here.

Can I hire a wheelchair?

Yes. Wheelchairs and mobility scooters can be booked with our team.

Once you’ve booked your zoo tickets, email our team here to let them know. Please put ‘Mobility’ as the title of your email.

Please note, these are subject to availability and booking is essential. We recommend booking early, especially during busy periods, as we do have a limited number available. 

A refundable deposit will be taken when you collect the item. This area is at its busiest between 10am and 11am, and due to the increased sanitisation taking place, we will do our best to help you as quickly as possible.

Find our zoomobility hut on our map, here.

What time does the zoo open?

We open at daily at 10am. The closing times change with the time of year.

Take a look at our opening times here.

Is it far to walk around the zoo?

We have 11 miles of pathway in total, winding around all the different animals and habitats.

What animals will I be able to see at Chester Zoo?

We have over 20,000 animals, from 500 species.

Most of them are easy to see, but some (like the lions and tigers) have areas with lots of planting, to reflect the species’ natural habitat. So practice your conservation explorer skills and spend a bit of time looking for clues to see if you can spot the different animals – some may just be relaxing behind some plants, or cleverly camouflaged!

If the zoo is very busy, there may also be groups of people at some of the viewing windows, and you may have to be a bit patient to wait for your turn to get to the front.

Read more about the animals found at the zoo, here.

Can we buy an annual pass to the zoo? 

Yes, you sure can!

This is part of the package when you join the zoo family and become a member. It means you can come as many times as you like in a year. You also get discounts in our shops and restaurants, plus lots of other benefits.

Find out more and join the family here.

Can I adopt and animal at Chester Zoo?

Of course. It’s a fantastic way to support our conservation work, and learn more about your favourite animal.

We have a few different packages to choose bewtween, starting from just £45.

Discover more about animal adoptions here.

Is there an admission charge for carers? 

Visitors with disabilities (paying full adult/child admittance) may admit one accompanying carer free of charge.

Please bring relevant proof of entitlement such as a blue badge, or a Disability Living Allowance letter or book (issued by the DWP benefit office).

We’re working hard to be as accessible as possible, find out more here.

What if I need to go out and come back in again?

That’s fine, as long as you get your hand stamped at the gate. Just speak to a member of staff before you leave the zoo.

Is there anywhere to store our belongings?

Unfortunately, we’ll be unable to offer use of our lockers at this time for hire due to guidelines around hygiene.

Is there an indoor picnic area?

Unfortunately, we do not have an indoor picnic area available. However there are PLENTY of space around the zoo where you can sit and enjoy your picnic.

We also have plenty of places for you to grab some food, find out more here.

Is there a cash machine in the zoo?

No, there is no cash machine at the zoo.

Can I smoke in the zoo?

Smoking is only permitted in the smoking areas. You can find these on our map here.

When are the animals fed?

It varies each day. You can see some of our animals being fed as part of the daily animal talks at Chester Zoo. But please note, that not every talk includes feeding.

Check out our daily programme of talks and events, here.

Can I feed the animals? Is it possible to hold any of the animals?

We get this question a lot, as you can imagine. But we have a strict ‘no handling’ policy.

We have to, because of biological security and our strict health and safety regulations. But our keepers are always happy to answer questions.

Take a look at our unique Experiences at Chester Zoo, which give you the chance to get close to some of the incredible animals at Chester Zoo. Find out more here.

Is there a volunteer programme?

We do have a volunteer programme. And you can discover more about our volunteer opportunities here.

Can I do work experience at Chester Zoo?

Yes, there are limited opportunities for work experience. There are very specific requirements, though, including particular qualifications and experience if you want to work with our animals.

Read more about work experience at Chester Zoo here.

Does Chester Zoo do anything to help animals in the wild?

Absolutely! Conservation is the heart of what we do, and we invest money, time and technical support in a whole range of projects in natural habitats around the world.

Read more about our conservation work and what we do here, and discover what you can do to support us in our mission of preventing extinction here.

Can I buy any Chester Zoo related gifts?

Yes! There are various zoo related gifts you can buy, including extra special experiences, and zoo-inspired products from our online gift shop.

Explore our zoo shop here.

Can I bring a group to the zoo?

We welcome groups of all sizes, whether you’re arranging a family gathering, a coach trip or a corporate outing.

Find out more here.