Frequently Asked Questions



These are the questions we get asked a lot, so if you’re curious about anything it might be covered here.

Q1. How much does it cost to come to Chester Zoo?

Our best prices are available online, with savings of at least 10% on the prices at the gates. You can see the online price by going to our booking page and adding the tickets that you require. We’ll work out the total including any additional family savings.

The prices you pay depends on the time of year, how old you are, and whether you qualify for a concession. It also depends whether you include the optional 10% donation, which means we can claim Gift Aid on your ticket. We also have additional family discounts available.

Q2. How do I get to Chester Zoo?

You can come by car, train, bus or bike. Cyclists get 15% off their tickets! Read more about how to get here.

Q3. Can I hire a wheelchair?

Yes: we have a limited number of wheelchairs and electric scooters for hire. We just ask for a donation towards their upkeep. But please make sure you book in advance: just call 01244 389 482. You’ll need to pay a £25 refundable deposit.

Find our zoomobility hut on our map.

Q4. What time does the zoo open?

We open at daily at 10am. The closing times change with the time of year. We’re open every day except Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Q5. Is it far to walk around the zoo?

We have 11 miles of pathway in total, winding around all the different animals.

Why not take a leisurely boat trip along the Lazy River in Islands? Look out for signs to the Lazy River Boat Trip on Sumba island and make your way past the bird market towards the jetty. Read more about getting around.

Read more about getting around.

Q6. What animals will I be able to see at Chester Zoo?

We have 27,000 animals altogether, from 500 species. Most of them are easy to see, but some (like the lions and tigers) have quiet areas with lots of planting, where they can get away from it all.

Obviously if it’s very busy, there may be crowds at some windows and you may have to be a bit patient. Read more about our animals.

Q7. Can we buy an annual pass to the zoo?

Absolutely: this is part of the package when you become a Member. It means you can come as many times as you like in a year for no extra charge. You also get discounts in our shops and restaurants.

Q8. Can I adopt an animal at Chester Zoo?

Of course. It’s a fantastic way to support our conservation work, and learn more about your favourite animal. You can adopt from just £55 which includes tickets to the zoo and other adopter benefits. Read more about adoptions.

Q9. Is there an admission charge for carers?

Visitors with disabilities (paying full adult/child admittance) may admit one accompanying carer free of charge. Please bring relevant proof of entitlement such as a blue badge, or a Disability Living Allowance letter or book (issued by the DWP benefit office).

Q10. What if I need to go out and come back in again?

That’s fine, as long as you get your hand stamped at the gate.

Q11. Is there anywhere to store our belongings?

Yes, we have self-service electronic lockers in small, medium or large. They range in price from £2 to £6 and can be found next to the Zoomobility hut at our main entrance. Just ask our Guest Services team for further information.

Q12. Is there an indoor picnic area?

Yes, there’s a room next to the Arara Kiosk (near the Spirit of the Jaguar building) where you can eat your picnic inside.

Q13. Is there a cash machine in the zoo?

Yes – there is one outside the Guest Services pavilion at the main entrance. There is a small charge for withdrawals.

See where it is on the map.

Q14. Can I smoke in the zoo?

Smoking is only permitted in the smoking areas. You can find these on our map.

Q15. When are the animals fed?

That varies. You can see some of our animals being fed as part of the daily animal talks at Chester Zoo. Note that not every talk includes feeding.

Q16. Can I feed the animals? Is it possible to hold any of the animals?

We get this question a lot, as you can imagine. But we have a strict ‘no handling’ policy. We have to, because of biological security and our strict health and safety regulations. But our Keepers are always happy to answer questions.

Take a look at our Animal Encounters which give you the chance to feed some of our animals.

Q17. Is there a volunteer programme?

You can find out all about our volunteer programme opportunities on this page.

Q18. Can I do work experience at Chester Zoo?

Yes, there are limited opportunities for work experience. There are very specific requirements, though, including particular qualifications and experience if you want to work with our animals. Read more about work experience.

Q19. Does Chester Zoo do anything to help animals in the wild?

Absolutely! Conservation is the heart of what we do, and we invest money, time and technical support in a whole range of projects in natural habitats around the world. Read more about our conservation work, or visit our Act for Wildlife website.

Q20. Can I buy any Chester Zoo related gifts?

Yes! There are various zoo-related gifts you can buy, from vouchers to extra special experiences like being a Keeper or a Gardener for the day. Read more about our gifts and experiences.

Q21. Can I bring a group to the zoo?

Of course you can: the more the merrier! Groups of 15 or more can get a discount of up to 30%. Read more about group visits.

Q22. Can I use a Blue Peter badge for admission?

Sorry, we no longer accept Blue Peter badges for admission.

As a charity we review our discounting policy each year to ensure we’re maximising our potential to support wildlife projects across the world. Changes to the Blue Peter Badge award scheme had resulted in a significant increase in the number of redemptions against the offer and therefore we unfortunately had to take the decision to withdraw from the scheme.

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