We’re SO excited to welcome our first EVER Youth Board at Chester Zoo. This dynamic group of young people from a multitude of backgrounds, are on a mission to empower young people to take action for wildlife.

What’s your role on the Youth Board?

Hi! I’m Lloyd, and I specialise in engagement as part of the Youth Board.

What does the zoo mean to you?

To me, the zoo is a place full of happiness and life. Not only is it a key tourist attraction within the UK, but it is an educational hub that enhances not only children’s knowledge, but adults too, on wildlife, climate change and conservation. To me, it’s a very special place which gives hope to endangered habitats, species whilst giving future generations the opportunity to experience these wonderful creatures and give them the best quality of life and security. The zoo is an integral part of the conservation movement within the UK and for many people is the gateway to a new outlook on life.

How have you supported the zoo, whether that be recently or over a longer time period?

I have supported the zoo recently by fundraising and running for the Save our Zoo campaign. However since a child, I have always supported the zoo, taking annual trips with my family and engaging in any educational events or trips they hosted. Others ways I have supported them is by helping getting different varieties of age groups to answer surveys, along with interviewing young people to hear their suggestions on how to make zoo experiences even better. Also, by simultaneously sharing key content the zoo releases online; attempting to get even more people engaging with the zoos mission statement and broadening their knowledge. Recently, along with a small focus group, I have been scrutinising different online platforms the zoo has to offer and giving constructive feedback and ideas to help rejuvenate different aspects of them. One example is being a part in developing the new Act for wildlife website.

Why do you feel so connected and passionate about the zoo and it’s work?

I feel so connected and passionate about the zoo because their mission statement matches what I believe in and stand for. The positive vision, goals and overall outlook on society Chester Zoo works with is something of special nature. For example the conservation masterplan. The zoo has laid down a ten year plan to make a substantial difference and make a better world. These plans and goals create hope and positivity. Chester zoo is built around solidarity and teamwork, it is a community and functions on a hard working ethos, which matches my values and views.

What do you hope to achieve in your role on the Chester Zoo Youth Board?

Within my role on the youth board, I hope to continue to work alongside my colleagues gaining a deeper insight into young people’s views and experiences at the zoo and materialise them into actions and solutions. This is to help make more young people want to make a difference and feel a part of the zoo community. Furthermore, I hope to develop a large range of transferable skills and experiences that can accompany me for the rest of my life. One day I hope to visit Chester Zoo when I’m older and be able to say “Me and the first Youth Board did that!”

What have you got out of being a part of the Youth Board so far?

I have been part of a very progressive and fast working team. This experience so far has helped bolster my experiences and knowledge within a vast variety of sectors. This has been gained by liaising and working alongside many different professionals within the organisation, that have gave me different insights and advice to which I will take on my career throughout life. Furthermore, I have gained a deeper knowledge on not only the zoos background but also conservation and the fight against extinction.

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