Legitimate Interest as a Lawful Basis to Process Personal Data.

In all cases where Chester Zoo have relied on ‘Legitimate Interest’ as a lawful basis to process your personal data, we have carefully considered your rights and freedoms and balanced these against our business interests. 

We rely on ‘Legitimate Interest’ in the following circumstances. 

Purpose of processing Detail
Adoption thank you letters To let existing customers know their adoption is coming to an end, their name will come off the plaque and they need to use their tickets before they expire.
Chase log To reserve room bookings for prospects until customers pay the deposit and return their T&Cs.
Group booking rate notification To confirm to existing customers (this year’s bookers) that the group rates they have previously had will change on given date.
Member’s carer data To add a ‘carer’ to a members’ membership record so each time they visit they can bring in an un-named individual free of charge to help support them on their trip..
Member employees discount extension To give members of specified organisations an extra 3 months membership period free of charge.  
Pre-visit email To send information via email enhance the customers experience so they know what to expect and can download the map and prepare in advance of their visit.
Discovery & Learning customer evaluations To send evaluations to teaching professionals to enable us to continue to develop our service and ensure it meets the needs of those who use it.
Enquiries, comments and complaints There may be times when we have comments from our guests regarding the facilities we provide, both positive and negative. We need to process the data to ensure we are catering for everyone who visits the zoo, and improve the overall facilities.
Research project review and approval To accept, review and decide whether to approve/support research proposals from internal and external students and researchers (“project staff”). Names and contact details of all core project staff is needed to make an informed decision on the quality of the research and make contact about the project.
Events: Business and corporate As a leading business in the North West, Chester Zoo is looking to demonstrate to other businesses its potential for B2B networking opportunities, events and the possibilities of meeting new contacts. From CZ’s perspective, it is hoped that we gain advocacy and support from local influencers, who grow closer to the organisation and its people.  
In-memory donors To enable ongoing communications when needed specifically regarding In Memory product (e.g. maintenance of Giving Tree, accessibility of areas where ashes have been scattered).
Lifetime supports: Expression of wish To provide clear communications and assistance for people choosing to leave a gift in their Will to Chester Zoo. We need a clear record of those people, sometimes kept for decades, to support the transition of the gift when the time comes.
Conservation Science Social Science Research To conduct evaluation surveys which are actively used to improve the lives of community members by keeping them, their families, property and livestock safe and skills to benefit them in terms of making an income, thus reduce human wildlife conflict.
Retail product purchasing To keep contact details from companies and/or their representatives from whom the zoo has purchased retail stock. The reason for this could be in case of customer queries or for internal purposes e.g. we need to keep a contact list in order to range plan. 
Ad-hoc retail events To collate details of people attending ad-hoc retail events where capacity is limited.
Research biological: Sample requests To accept, review and decide whether to approve/support requests for biological samples from internal and external students and researchers.
Direct marketing-Businesses & potential corporate clients To demonstrate to other businesses its potential for B2B networking opportunities, events and the possibilities of meeting new contacts.
Direct marketing: Existing donors After physically processing donations, we confirm safe receipt of the donation, and, in cases where people have expressed a desire to ring-fence to a particular project, species or area, confirm how this donation will be spent.  
Direct Marketing: Past donors Donors will often want an update as a project progresses to better understand how their donations have been spent and the impact they have made. Unless they have explicitly requested no contact, from time to time we might choose to update (particularly major donors). Please note, ‘direct marketing’ in this instance does not refer to mass marketing or mass appeals.
Legacy gifts: Executors To enable clear communications and assistance for individuals and solicitors in performing their role as executors of an estate that includes a gift to Chester Zoo. 
Lifetime supporters: Next of kin To enable clear communications and assistance for the loved ones of people who have chosen to include a gift in their Will to Chester Zoo. Also ongoing communications when needed specifically regarding In Memory product (e.g. maintenance of Giving Tree, accessibility of areas where ashes have been scattered).
Major donors & patrons The very nature of a major donation or becoming a ‘major donor’ usually means that person is close to the organisation and wants to remain up to date with news, be a part of events and hear from senior members of the team including trustees. We are trying to achieve excellent donor management and the appropriate level of engagement required as a Major Donor.
OSHENS: Contractor module The details of contractors are gathered to enable the completion of a contractor H&S questionnaire and the submission of relevant documentation so the contractor can be accredited (deemed competent) to undertake works on our behalf.
Lifetime supporters: Event invitations As part of the benefits ‘offer’ of becoming a Lifetime Supporter, we host special donor events to enable them to feel closer to the organisation and the staff here at the zoo.
Security CCTV To provide organisational surveillance security and safety.
Car pass for staff To maintain a secure and robust parking ethos.
OSHENS: Reporting security incidents To inform the wider zoo audience of potential security breach or near misses.
Car pass for visitors To maintain a secure and robust parking ethos and to allow visitor contractors on to site.
Security: Visitor pass For access control of personnel to and from site.
Photographing/filming/recording audio of Chester Zoo  staff To capture events and activities that Chester Zoo staff member of the Conservation, Education & Engagement team do to keep as a record and use for promotional purposes.
Employee engagement survey The b-Heard engagement survey will help us to really understand how employees feel about working here, which will enable us to identify what we’re doing well, and how we can improve.
Contact Information for suppliers & consultants


To keep the contact details of consultants, contractors and suppliers and project group members, who we have employed or may look to employ in the future. The reason being to ensure we are able to contact anyone who has completed work in case of defect or difficulty. Also to facilitate continuity and to enable us to consider them for future projects.
Journalist Database Journalist database used to contact journalists to provide news stories from the zoo.
Cyber security: Phishing test To test, collate, model and report on cyber and information security awareness and to provide targeted training thus, reducing a data breach and/or data leak potential.
Contacting Wildlife Champions  The Champions course is a capacity building programme, during which we offer extended training and support. We need the contact details of the attendees to send course information and offer further training by email.
Research Project Review And Approval: Contraception Database To contact users who are submitting data if we need more information, or if we need to clarify data that has been entered.
High Level Volunteers: Profiling We collect specific data from public sources to build a profile that will ensure these individuals are engaged with us in a wholly appropriate way, fitting to their interests and other known charitable activities, and that there is no evidence of anything which clashes with the values of the organisation or has the potential to be detrimental to the charity.
Onsite Flu Vaccination Clinics In order to deliver onsite flu vaccinations for employees
The Predictive Index To support the development of senior managers at Chester Zoo.
Online training for employees Targeted training is provided to ensure the health , safety and well-being of all staff and visitors
Security patrol tracking To monitor and record patrols to enhance security provisions which ensures that the complete site is being patrolled in the correct manner in order to fulfil insurance requirements
Computer-aided facility management To enable each employee to raise maintenance tasks for the FM team and to track progress of these requests, it also allows the FM team to contact the requester in order to discuss the request.
Use of staff images for training purposes Photos and video clips of Chester Zoo employees around different locations of Zoo the site are to be included organisation training wide training materials to make the courses more specific and relatable to all employees taking the course.
Customer data is analysed to inform our pricing strategy The zoo is trying to better understand customer behaviour and spend on its admissions, memberships, adoptions, F&B and Retail operations. A consultant has been appointed to analyse our historical data. For the purposes of this activity the data has been pseudonymised to ensure that no individual can be identified.  The data will be used to improve the zoo’s commercial operations, while providing the customer with an improved offering and experience from the start of the customer journey to the end.

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