Think you’ve seen it all at the zoo? Think again!

There’s always something NEW to discover at Chester Zoo, no matter how many times you visit!

This February half term, we’ll be shining a spotlight on the more unusual and lesser known species that you may be SURPRISED to find we have here at the zoo! Can you rise up to the challenge to DISCOVER SOMETHING NEW?

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Discover some unusual news from around the zoo!

We’ve hatched one of the world’s RAREST bird species!

Two precious red-billed curassow chicks hatched after their eggs were carefully incubated for 30 days by our team of bird experts.

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Rare spider monkey born at the zoo

The rare baby primate, a Colombian black-headed spider monkey, has been spotted being cradled in the arms of experienced mum, Kiara (11).

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Frogs on the edge of extinction go on display at the zoo!

An endangered frog from South America, with a rather unfortunate nickname, has gone on display at the zoo for the first time!

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