Calling all eggs-plorers! Join us this Easter for a trail like no other. Will you be able to find our giant flamingo egg? Uncover the hidden world of seahorse eggs? And discover how a butterfly hatches?

We have hidden six giant animal eggs around the zoo… but they might not be the animals you would expect! Collect your map and follow our Really Wild Egg Trail to learn more about the incredible animals that start their lives in an egg!

Plus, there’s a free Nat Geo Kids magazine for everyone that completes the trail.*

The Easter Bunny’s got nothing on us!


The Really Wild Egg Trail is included with zoo entry. Members go free.

The Really Wild Egg Trail

Discover giant eggs hidden around the zoo and the wonderful animals that they come from…

Big bellied seahorse

Find out more about these incredibly unique fish where it’s the male that looks after the eggs!

Parson’s chameleon

Did you know these animals can lay up to 50 eggs at a time and the incubation process can take up to two years?

Giant owl butterfly

Discover how the female butterfly lays eggs on the leaves and stems of plants.

Komodo dragon

Did you know that a Komodo Dragon makes a nest for its eggs?

Caribbean flamingo

Find out how these birds make their nests from mud and that their chicks aren’t actually pink when born.

Humboldt penguin

Discover how these animals dig burrow-like nests in guano (deep piles of sea bird poo)!

Once you finish your eggs-pedition around the zoo, you’ll get a FREE Nat Geo Kids magazine worth £4.99!* Its pages are full of fun features, jaw-dropping facts and AWE-INSPIRING photos that will keep you entertained for hours.

*While stocks last.

Join our Zoo Rangers and enjoy a wide range of fascinating animal talks this Easter! Learn more about the amazing animals in our trail and many more, we have something for everyone!

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We’re running two Easter Camps for children in years 1 through 6!

Children will discover the amazing animals, wonderful habitats and remarkable conservation work taking place here at Chester Zoo and across the globe, through a range of fun Easter themed activities in the zoo.

MINI RANGER (years 1 -3)                                JUNIOR RANGER (years 4 – 6)

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