AS/A2 Psychology Workshops

Modular Psychology Workshops

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Attachment Theory and Parental Care

Building on the works of John Bowlby, Mary Ainsworth and Harry Harlow, we’ll take a look at attachment in our great apes and explore weaning, maturity and inter-birth intervals.

Animal Behaviour and Welfare

Understanding animal behaviour is essential for us! We’ll look at classical and operant conditioning and how we use these techniques and enrichment to look after our animals. Imprinting and the work of Konrad Lorenz is also discussed.

Courtship Behaviour

Why is that males usually display and compete for female attention and not the other way around? How does this vary between species? We’ll discuss courtship and sexual selection, and consider a few strange case-studies from the zoo.

Social Structure

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a solitary or social creature? We’ll look at polyandry, polygyny and monogamy. in primates and painted dogs.

Evolution of Intelligence

How intelligent our chimpanzees? We’ll look at tool use and Machiavellian behaviour that we’ve observed from our group of chimps and consider factors that could be linked to the evolution of human intelligence, such as brain size, social complexity and the environment.

Curriculum links:

  • Psychology – early social development; relationships; aggression