Study at the Zoo

Chester Zoo is the perfect venue for animal health and husbandry students to complement the work done in the classroom.

With over 8000 animals, they can see firsthand how the zoo practices its animal welfare and this comprehensive online resource offers an extensive background to our operations.

We also offer packages which provide more in depth information to further support studies.


Taught Programme: Exotic Animal Health and Husbandry

Our Exotic Animal Health and Husbandry Programme is available throughout the academic year.  It is a classroom based 50 minutes’ session, looking at animal welfare and includes the Tsavo Bird Safari enclosure as a case study. 

During the autumn and spring terms the programme can be booked as an out and about session.

Download the Teachers’ Learning Resource


Workbook: Exotic Animal Health and Husbandry

To guide students in the zoo, the Animal Health and Husbandry Workbook can be downloaded prior to your visit. Focusing on the Tsavo Bird Safari, the workbook directs students to carry out a survey within the aviary and learn more about assessing enclosures.

They will also carry out their own evaluation of a Tsavo species and its enclosure. After the visit, students are encouraged to feedback their results online.

Please click here to download the workbook (PDF, 12 MB) 

Much of this online resource focuses on the planning and development of the Painted Dog exhibit as well as the subsequent arrival and care of these animals.

The exhibit opened to the public in April 2011 so be sure to have a look at the final result for yourself while you’re in the zoo!


Please contact us regarding your diploma day in the zoo.

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