Key Stage 2

Our workshops are a great way for your pupils to discover more about the environment and find out how we can all protect it.

Our KS2 workshops are a great way to connect your learners with wildlife and the world around them and find out more about what we can all do to protect it. They’re fun, hands-on and interactive. We use an incredible collection of artefacts to inspire and enrich the learning experience.

See our Learning Resources page to find an extensive range of activities, worksheets and videos for your learners. You can use these either to complement your in-zoo workshops, as part of your zoo visit or as stand-alone activity in your own classroom.

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Key Stage 2 Workshops

Here’s what some of our visitors said about our KS1 and KS2 workshops:

'All children were absorbed and stimulated throughout'

'Content reinforced learning taking place in school. Use of lovely resources delighted the children'

'Superb! Kept all the class interested and motivated'

'It covered all the main aspects we had talked about in class but you had fantastic resources too'