KS4 Workshops


We work in different ecosystems around the world, so we see first-hand how different environmental conditions can shape the biodiversity of an area - but also the impact changes have on plants and animals.

Using our work in Borneo as a case study, this workshop includes lots of group activities to really encourage your students to debate, discuss and think critically while considering our own actions and the difference we can make to world-wide issues.

Age group:  Key Stage 4  
Duration: 50 minutes
Capacity: 25 pupils
Meeting point: Learning Centre

Curriculum/Specification links:

AQA: Ecosystems

  • ecosystems exist at a range of scales and involve the interaction between biotic and abiotic components. Tropical rainforests

  • tropical rainforest ecosystems have a range of distinctive characteristics.
  • deforestation has economic and environmental impacts.
  • tropical rainforests need to be managed to be sustainable.

Eduqas Specification A:

5.3: Processes and interactions within ecosystems

  • where are large scale ecosystems found?
  • what are the key processes of ecosystems at different scales?

5.4: Human activity and ecosystem processes

  • how do people use ecosystems and environments?
  • how do human activities modify processes and interactions within ecosystems?
  • how can ecosystems be managed sustainably?

Please note: Chester Zoo discovery workshops can be adapted to your learners needs and abilities, please speak to one of the team to find out more.

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