The Zoo Rangers

Hello! We're the Zoo Rangers! We're a team of talented, enthusiastic, expert people and our job is to help you have an amazing time in the zoo.

How much do you know about giraffes’ tongues? Or elephants’ teeth? Have you ever tried leaping as far as a lemur? If you’re even the slightest bit intrigued then you might want to seek out our Zoo Rangers. You’ll find us dotted around the Zoo, ready to answer any and all of you animal questions and chat about our amazing science and conservation work. Our talks, chats and activities are suitable for all general visitors including school and college groups- check out the links below to find out which would suit you best.

Our free daily programme of animal talks, chats and drop-in activities can be found here.

You might also find that we are running special events on the day of your visit, take a look here to find out.