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Creative Writing Collection

What better place to be inspired to write creatively than at the Zoo?

'Mountain chickening' or creating a poem as fast a cheetah...there's lots of activities to choose from.

The following activities will give an opportunity for your students to reflect on and respond to animals they find in the Zoo, whilst encouraging original and imaginative thought.

Some have specific instructions in order to help pupils get started and present a creative challenge for the more confident or able. If, however, they want to add extra words or you want to adapt the activity then that’s totally fine too.

Each activity is intended to last around 20 minutes, and could be carried out in the Zoo, or in school. 

We’d like to thank Emily Capstick for her involvement in developing this creative writing exercise! 

Curriculum Links:

  • English

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This collection includes:
  • Creative Writing at Chester Zoo - Teacher's Notes
  • Creative Writing at Chester Zoo - Activities:
  1. Let's make this interesting!
  2. Mountain Chickening
  3. Cheetah Poem (It's fast!)
  4. Healthy Habitats
  5. Humans and Animals
  6. Camouflaged Word
  7. Questions - for Animals
  8. Helpful and Hindering objects
  9. Mix and Match


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