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Monday 30 January 2023




Chester Zoo

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Behaviour and wellbeing science is critical to our mission.

This introductory half-day course will look at how we use science to help manage our animal collections, reintroductions and prevent worldwide extinction. This is your chance to learn about our work here at the zoo!

Our scientists will discuss a range of sampling techniques which can be applied to different scenarios. They’ll introduce the technology that they use to aid behavioural observations and how it can be utilised alongside live observations. There will also be an introduction to basic data management and data manipulation in Excel to help you analyse your behavioural observation data.

You’ll have the opportunity to undertake observations of pre-recorded zoo species to practice the theory you’ve learnt during the course.

This is an introductory course, with further courses planned to include zoo-based practical work. The expectation is that this course would have been completed before higher-level courses in behaviour and wellbeing science could be completed with us.

These courses are designed for adults (18+) who are early career conservationists, degree students and professionals within the sector.

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