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Thursday 7 October from 16:00 to 18:30




The Oakfield

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In November 2021 the UK Government will host the UN Climate Change Conference – COP26. This year’s conference of the parties promises to be an historic moment, defining the course of political action to address the climate and biodiversity crisis facing our planet.

This is a something that is already of great concern for many young people and schools have a unique opportunity to play an important role in the legacy of COP26 (The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference). Climate change cannot be addressed without protecting and restoring nature we already have many resources to support climate change education but in the lead up to this momentous event we have spent time creating additional materials to share with you.

Join us for this evening event in The Oakfield, especially for teachers, where we’ll discuss the role Chester Zoo plays in Preventing extinction, discuss the role that schools can play during COP26 and share resources to support you communicating these important messages with your learners.


Come in early and experience our Love it for Longer exhibition!

Visit the Junkyard and hear inspiring stories from young people taking conservation action.


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