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27/08/19 - Choose from two time sessions


Free (normal zoo admission applies)


Meet at Learning Centre

The Green Gold Conspiracy is an exciting gaming experience that puts wildlife conservation at its heart, for ages 9 to 11.


Imagine you run a business, and that business has the power to either help or endanger orangutans.

Imagine that business is in South East Asia, and that business has the power to save or tear down rainforests.

These decisions may sound simple enough to some, but these decisions have consequences…

Palm oil is the ‘Green Gold’ of South East Asia, but when you become the decision maker – how will you spend it?

Coming along to join BAFTA award winning interactive theatre makers Coney in their collaboration with Chester Zoo and play The Green Gold Conspiracy.

Please note, this is an exclusive event for 9-11 year olds only. Children will be supervised by members of the Discovery and Learning team.

This is a FREE event but spaces are limited
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